The day when it all began

Smoke rose to the clear sky, and the smell of burning flesh filled the air. Even if the entire village had been warned about the dragon coming, no one would have left his home. And no one would see the next day - except for Brém Codtó, for he was the one who had been watching the sky every day. The magician knew the dragons were rising again, seeking revenge for their fall aeons ago. "The Brotherhood of the Black Flame and the Dragon's League shall rival themselves, allowing the true enemy to rise", so Izra told him in a vision. Well, the War Goddess truly had her harvest this day.
Brém had been prepared while the peasants went on as usual. Now he knew his goal. Not to revenge the murder of his village, but to stop the plague stretching its claws throughout the land. This time the Hotari would not be alone. This time, a union of all Elven Reigns had to be formed to wipe out dragons and Gajos as well.

While Brém went to the nearest town, in the north something sensed a change in reality. The Dragon War had begun.

Eine Geschichte aus Thala, einer für ein Rollenspiel erschaffenen Mittelalterwelt.

  • Brém Codtó : Hotari-Magier
  • The Brotherhood of the Black Flame : Die Bruderschaft der Schwarzen Flamme
  • The Dragon's League : Der Drachenbund
  • Izra : Kriegsglttin, Mitglied des Siebenzirkels
  • Hotari : "Hochelfen", grauhäutige Bergbewohner
  • Gajos : Nichtelfen